My Injera Escapade

Yes, I am back after quite a hiatus, I have to remember to start posting straight to my blog here instead of facebook 🙂 I am so used to getting on there and sharing my cooking escapes, I often forget I have a blog. “Boo this woman!” 
So, I come back to y’all with my journey in injera making.  If you go on the internet there are a ridiculous amount of recipes for injera.  My needs were this; it had to be gluten free (even though I am convinced that the injera at all the Ethiopian restaurants I’ve eaten at mixed teff and some sort of wheat) and I ain’t got no time, for feeding a starter, throwing away, and all that intense stuff.  I stumbled upon this blog, for a yeast free 1-Day All Teff Injera 

Now, a couple of things I changes and messed up on hehehe 1. I added the baking soda in the initial mixture, when I was supposed to wait right before cooking. That meant, after the first injera I destroyed I added a pinch more to the batter.  2.  My family loves the sour taste of injera with the balance of spicy Ethiopian food, so I let it sit for 2 1/2 days.  

Here’s a pic of my trail and error

After about 4 tries the injera on the left was my best one, the taste was pretty good, though Knowledge wants me to ferment the batter more, maybe for about 5 days.  The mess on the right, was my first try, which was entirely too thick, and I didn’t even cook it through.  Next time I make it, I will definitely double the recipe and instead of relying on my oven timer, which produced an injera with lots of bubbles but a very crisp bottom, I will use my “first mind” common sense to know when my bread is done. Also, I did have to lightly grease my iron skillet, even though it was seasoned, it just didn’t do well without a very thin layer of oil while cooking these. The girls loved the bread and were eating it up.  I’m going to start another batter tonight and by Friday I plan to have a full Ethiopian meal to share with y’all. 

See, it’s okay to share your mess ups 😉