I Told Y’all I was Gonna Do It! Black Eyed Pea Fritters (Akara)

Thank goodness it’s Friday!  I have finally found the time to post.  This week started out pretty busy with my oldest daughter’s birthday party Sunday and then my youngest started to run a fever Wednesday night.  But all is well now and things have settled down a bit.  I promised in my last post on millet porridge, that I was going to try my hand at making Akara–a bean fritter from West Africa.

Akara is usually made with black eyed peas or brown peas (African Honey beans?) that look just like black eye peas only brown.  Now if you don’t eat black eye peas for whatever reason, you may be able to substitute them with Navy beans.  You still will have to stick to all the directions, which include soaking over night in warm water and peeling the skin off the beans.  The latter is not hard but it is tedious!  You will work muscles you never thought you had.  To get the skin off the beans, while the beans are in a bowl covered with water, rub the beans in your hands and rinse off periodically.  You will have to do this repeatedly until all skins are removed.

After the skins are all off, you will blend the beans in a little bit of water until completely smooth.  Transfer to a bowl, and then blend 1 onion and 1 hot pepper (per 2 cups of beans).  Then add the onions and pepper to the bowl and stir.  For seasoning, some add Maggi.  I don’t.  I used salt and cayenne pepper to taste and some Veggie Protein Stock Powder African Seasoning (VPSP) sold here.  Just to let y’all know this is my FAVORITE seasoning for West African foods, but I use a dash in just about every thing I cook.

This is how the batter will look

 After you  taste your batter to adjust the seasonings to your taste, let it sit for a few minutes while you heat your oil.  Traditionally, Akara is cook up like a puffy round ball, but I fry everything in my iron skillet, so my batch was pretty oval.

 Fry your fritters on both sides for a total of about 4-5 minutes.  They can be served for breakfast will millet porridge, or as a snack/side with a spicy tomato sauce or ketchup.  These delicious little fritters are egg and gluten free! So get up, go buy you some black eyed peas, an onion and a pepper–Put your foot in it! 😉



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