The Time Is Now!

A little birdy told me this is a great time to start a blog. So I stopped procrastinating and got right to work! My name is Divine, I’m a 30-something year old mother of 2, wife, daughter, & sista-friend.  When I was growing up, if someone tasted a home made dish that was awesome, just out of this world, you would tell the cook “You put your foot in this!” Sometimes you would even say, “Girl, you put your WHOLE foot up in dis!” (smile)  What does that mean?  It means that the cook put all his/her might, will, expertise, feeling, and emotion into the food that they were cooking.  The result was successful deliciousness, requiring praise from all who tasted the dish and who would hear about it.

Well, that’s how I feel about life: Motherhood, Healing, Entrepreneurship,  Learning, Growing, Relationship–Go ‘head, “Put your foot in it!”


4 thoughts on “The Time Is Now!

  1. I’m excited about this! I’m gonna have to start following this and sharing the blog with others. Keep it up, Sis! It’s already a huge success in progress.

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